Google wants to promote ecommerce – launches Great Online shopping festival in India

Internet search giant Google is either testing the deal space in India or wants to encourage e-commerce. On December 12 (i.e. 12.12.12), the company will host the Great Online shopping festival and throw open deals from some of the largest sites in India.

In May last year, Google announced Google Offers, a service for deals and offers in the United States. The deal space in India is hotting up with companies like Groupon, Timesdeal and Rocket Internet making aggressive bids for deal hunters.
Many companies like, Makemytrip and Flipkart and others are participating in the deal festival.

The ‘Buy’ button isn’t yet active on the site and from what it seems like, Google wants to promote ecommerce in India (or maybe, they are testing Google Offers in India?) in order to grab more ecommerce advertisers? After all, VC funded ecommerce players were among the top AdWords buyers last year and with VC money drying in, expect Google to face the heat too.

So maybe Google is just trying to prove it’s cost-efficiency to ecommerce companies OR is simply testing Google offers for India?

What’s your opinion?

Note to Google team: Maybe, it’s a good idea to remove ‘Lorem ipsum’ in the html page?

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