Hiring At Google Is Slowing Down As The Company Is Growing Up

As growth slows and profit margins shrink Google is curbing hiring and seeking new ways to run itself more efficiently.


Google’s new CFO Ruth Porat is apparently involved in an internal audit examining costs, revenues and accounting systems.

The clearest sign of this is seen in the slowdown in hiring. Google added 1,819 people in the first quarter bringing its total to 55,419.

Q1 2015 was the worst quarter for hiring at Google since Q4 of 2013. During 2014, Google added an average of 2,435 employees per quarter.

Google Hiring Data

Apparently, teams now have to submit plans describing how additional employees will help achieve specific business objectives.

Google capped the number of hires the Google+ team could make last year but let its connected home division Nest have more freedom.

Further, employees are citing increased frugality at the workplace where travel, supplies and events require more justification.

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