Google Could Launch A New Platform To Connect Users With Home Service Providers

The company seems to be ramping up its efforts to serve the home-services industry.

Google could be building a new platform that rivals Amazon Home Services, through which it will connect search users with service providers such as plumbers and electricians.
According to BuzzFeed the product will be integrated into Google’s core search offering, turning search queries about home improvement tasks into engagement with home service providers.
Currently a quick google search on plumbers for example returns links to service provider websites and related advertisements. However, the new product will actually help connect search providers with users.
Google recently rolled out Google Compare, a tool for users to compare car insurance, travel insurance, mortgages and credit cards in the US and UK. The move shows the company’s interest in serving the home services industry.

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  1. Headline – “Google to launch….” vs. body – “Google could be…”.
    Epic fail.

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