Whoa! Google shows parts of Arunachal Pradesh in Chinese Language

Google India maps shows parts of Arunachal Pradesh in Chinese language and the map shows Arunachal’s southern boundary with Assam and northern boundary with China in broken lines, while the state’s eastern and western boundaries with Bhutan and Myanmar are shown in continuous white lines.

arunachal pradesh google maps
Google India Map Controversy - Arunachal Pradesh in Chinese Language

While the political circuit has started their speculative game, what’s really surprising in that Google has not yet rectified/apologized for the change.

‘The Chinese know how to time their statements ahead of a bilateral meeting. This map surfaced just when the two countries were to discuss the border dispute. Had Google changed the names of Chinese locations, Beijing would have summoned Google officials. India, too, should deal with it firmly,’ – BJP MP

What’s your take on this issue? Time India goes strict with such mistakes (Imagine what China would have done to Google!)? Every time something like this happens, Google organizes ‘Internet awareness’ campaigns (with govt. officials) in order to appease them and the matter is resolved ‘amicably’.

What’s your opinion?

Update: ISRO has launched Bhuvan, a competition to Google Earth

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