Google India Launches Bi-Lingual Election Page for News & Information


Google India Launches Bi-Lingual Election Page for News & Information

After Twitter & Facebook, its Google’s turn to add to the election buzz in India. The company has launched a page specifically for the upcoming general elections in India. The bi-lingual portal has news reports, videos and information resources.

The page lists different political parties and the five states where the first phase of the elections will take place. Clicking on a link filters news stories accordingly. For the videos section, Google has partnered with news channels like NDTV, Times Now, Headlines Today and others. It has also put up an Faq page for voters.Google Elections

In September, Facebook launched a small feature with which you could add “registered to vote” as a life event in your timeline. Twitter has been talking political parties and television channels ahead of the elections.

With political parties taking to social media & the Internet for propaganda, some advertising dollars are also expected to flow to these companies. The election commission is also working on ways to keep a watch on ad spending on social media.

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