Google India in a legal case over a blogger’s post

Google India is is facing defamation charges from a Mumbai-based firm, Gremach Infrastructure Equipments & Projects.

The company has filed a lawsuit against Google for hosting a series of articles on its blogging site, campaigning against its mines in Mozambique. In an interim order, the Bombay High Court has asked Google India to furnish information about the blogger. The case’s outcome will have far-reaching implications for the development of cyber law in India. [ET]

The blogger wrote a series of articles ( between January and February) titled “Toxic Writer” that were posted on Google’s Blogger tool . The article amounted to a “hate campaign” against the company.

This is not the first time Google is facing legal hassles in India – earlier, with Orkut, they happily shared IP address of users – but this case is relatively important for blogging world itself.

And hopefully, it will help define the cyber law in India (which I hope will not be the same as China’s).

Most importantly (and given govt’s ignorance about web world/blogging et al), I won’t be surprised if they try to curb the freedom of expression, that blogging entails?

What do other bloggers think?

Also, Supreme court has issued notice to Google , Microsoft and Yahoo for displaying ‘sex determination’ ads [source]

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