Don’t Know Much About Contesting Candidates? Google India Launches the Know Your Candidates Tool


Don’t Know Much About Contesting Candidates? Google India Launches the Know Your Candidates Tool

Google has introduced a handy new tool to help all those who still aren’t sure about which candidates are contesting from their constituencies. Called ‘Know Your Candidate’, this is the latest in Google’s efforts to stay involved during the elections.

What is the ‘Know Your Candidates’ Tool?

Know Your Candidate

The tool gives information on all candidates contesting from different constituencies from across the country. Information provided included,

  • Political alliance

  • Age

  • Education Qualifications

  • Attendance

  • Debates Participated In

Know Your Candidate

Google has used a state-wise, map based data to help users find candidates. In addition to this, there users can also key in their pin code to automatically find the State, candidates’ information and beginning of poll dates.

Candidate information is available only from a week prior to the start of polling in each area. Overall, the tool is pretty useful and easy to use. It would save the voter time spent on hunting for the same  information from various sources. Moreover, candidate information gists given like one of ‘education’, paints a picture about the kind of candidates seen across India as a whole.

Google has sourced the data on candidates from prsindia, an independent research initiative that tracks the functioning of the Parliament and the work of Indian MPs from the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and various States’ MLAs. Candidate information has also been provided by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), and the constituency shapes from independent information body that provides candidate information, Empowering India.

Google had most recently revamped its election page after the Election Commission had severed its partnership with it to manage voter registration and facilitation.

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