This Chart Explains Why Google Conducts GOSF

And in this entire drama of CAC, Google makes the most!

The GOSF 2014¬†(Great Online Shopping Festival) has been announced and we have often been asked why Google India conducts GOSF? What’s in for Google India¬†to lead GOSF (some often confuse it with Google Online Shopping Festival!)? After all,¬†Google doesn’t do something¬†similar in any other geography and they don’t even run an ecommerce service¬†in India.
In short, they make no money from GOSF!
Well, this chart explains why Google India conducts GOSF.

Google India Revenues [Numbers In Crores]
Google India Revenues [Numbers In Crores]
Google India revenues have gone by almost 48% over the last one year!
The growth engine lies in marketing campaigns and advertisements run by ecommerce portals primarily.
The numbers are hitting through the roof and thanks to the competition, customer acquisition costs have gone up massively.  And in this entire drama of CAC, Google India makes the most!
Market leadership, Anyone?
Well, this is an example of how to create market leadership and GOSF is Google’s way to show how big and¬†important it is to Indian ecommerce companies. Google makes no money out of GOSF, but through the entire year, they probably make more money than¬†Ecommerce portals!
For Google, GOSF is a way to create more awareness about ecommerce among Indian consumers and be more useful to its customers, i.e. the ecommerce companies.
After all, somebody had to start India’s Black Friday sale !
It won’t be too long when Facebook starts doing something for Ecommerce players?

  1. I dont think so that performance during GOSF, portals are already spending with Google so that drastic change is not possible during GOSF!

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