Google introduces Bard A.I. to compete with ChatGPT

  • Bard A.I. will provide an alternative to the popular ChatGPT.
  • Bard is powered by the company’s large language model LaMDA.
  • Google will open up the conversation technology to “trusted testers” ahead of making it more widely available to the public.


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Bangalore traffic police has installed as many as 200 life-sized mannequins at troublesome junctions in Bengaluru. The hope is that the mannequins, dressed as traffic police, will deter repeat offenders “The behaviour of motorists changes automatically when they see a traffic policeman. Studies show that there are fewer violations in manned junctions compared to unmanned junctions. However, the police cannot be deployed everywhere, and so we decided to put up mannequins,” said B. R. Ravikanthe Gowda, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic). “The mannequins will be replaced with real policeman the next day, to ensure that motorists follow rules.” This is a great experiment on human behavior and as long as they keep it ‘random’ (i.e. one-day-mannequin, the next-day real police), it might just work! Cops plan to install cameras on the mannequins soon.
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