Google Launches Apps Marketplace – 80% Revenue Share with Developers

Google has launched Apps Marketplace, an app store for Google apps users.

The Google Apps Marketplace offers products and services designed for Google users, including installable apps that integrate directly with Google Apps. Installable apps are easy to use because they include single sign-on, Google’s universal navigation, and some even include features that integrate with your domain’s data.

Apps installation is easy – it takes 4 steps to install the app and there are apps across various categories – right from accounting/finance to productivity suite, project management etc.

This is a milestone for the online office space, as Google has the muscle power to bring all the existing competition [except MS] under its marketplace.

But what’s really lacking is the discovery of app. You do not go to app marketplace to look for apps – the whole experience has to be deeply embedded into the core product, i.e. Google Apps.

Few months back, Zoho too launched Zoho Apps marketplace [Zoho Launches Marketplace for Apps, Pokes Google] and this time, Google has upped the bar with its revenue sharing deal – Google will keep only 20% of the revenue.

Watch this intro video of Google Apps Marketplace

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