Now send free text messages from Google mail. Over 200 mn Airtel users will miss the party

Google rolls out free text messaging. Now you can send free text messages from Gmail. All major operators are going to party, except for Airtel.

Looks like Google has rolled out free text messaging in Chat. On Wednesday, Google pointed users to this

You punch in the number, and a chat window pops up. Key in the text message and its supposed to get sent. You start with 50 sms credits. For every message you send, you lose one credit. For every message you receive, you get 5 credits. Only, it seems that there are some glitches. Sometimes, the messages don’t get sent. That could be because operators like Airtel aren’t on the list of networks supported by Google.

This was a product Google had in its labs. Earlier, you had to sign into the Google labs edition of Gmail and “enable text messaging.” Until now, this was available only in the US. But now, its available a whole lot of countries including India.

Looks like Google is going to be harvesting a lot of mobile numbers now.

Update: We have been trying to send messages to many different mobile numbers and none of it worked. Also, as readers have pointed out, Google has updated the supported mobile networks list to include “all mobile operators.” Apparently, this little known service has been around for sometime now, but Google has been drawing attention of users to this only now.

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