Google Launches Location Aware Search


Google Launches Location Aware Search

Google has launched location aware search that lets you refine your search by location (with the “Nearby” tool).

One of the really helpful things about this tool is that it works geographically — not just with keywords — so you don’t have to worry about adding “Minneapolis” to your query and missing webpages that only say “St. Paul” or “Twin Cities. – official blog

I did try some of the searches (for instance, doctors with and without location) – and the screenshot will tell you the benefits of a location aware query.

google search city

The usage ofcourse is meant for advanced users – you need to set the city/region, in order to customize the search.

As far as India is concerned, IP mapping to City doesn’t work, so most of the results are not useful, unless you manually mention the city.

Do give location search a spin – it surely is a useful feature though not yet ready for the prime time.

Please note that this is applicable only to and not country specific domains.

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