Google Launches Map Maker (Not for US Market?) : A Take on Wikimapia?

Google has launched Google Map Maker, a product built out of India office.

Google Map Maker lets you:

  • Add line features (roads, railways, rivers, flyovers, underpasses), region features and points of interest.
  • Add features such as roads, parks, and buildings for unmapped rural areas
  • Tag small businesses and help users find them
  • Collaborate with others to map neighborhoods that interest you

Essentially, this is also one of the ways for Google to increase the relevance of it’s local data (which to date, isn’t great)- but largely, it seems the map maker product could be a take on Wikimapia (i.e. after Wikipedia:Knol?)

The product is not available for US market (i.e. map isn’t editable) and is mostly meant for emerging markets (LatAm etc) :

  • Because of the already rich data available in US (thru’ data partners)?
  • It could be that these geographies are the testing ground for this product and might be rolled out in US later?

What’s your take?

Have a look at the product demo:

GIve Map Maker a spin and do share your comments.

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