Google Adds Remote Desktop Feature to Hangouts


Google Adds Remote Desktop Feature to Hangouts


Google launched Google+ two years back but the service has seen very few takers who stick around and use the service in spite of some great features like Circles and Hangouts.

Meanwhile, Google has been steadily adding features to the social networking site, especially when it comes to stuff like Hangouts. The latest addition to the video chatting tools which allows one to chat with up to 9 people simultaneously is a remote desktop feature.

Google+ Hangouts now lets users remotely control the computer of someone you’re having a Hangout with for troubleshooting purposes. You can continue chatting and walk through the troubleshooting process with the person on the other end.

The update was announced by Google’s Daniel Caiafa on his page.

To access the feature, once one has started a Hangout, one has to go to the apps sections and View More Apps > Add Apps > Hangouts Remote Desktop.

To use this feature you will need permission from the other user so privacy is taken care of.

It is built on the same technology as Chrome Remote Desktop. We wonder with Google+ offering this for free, what will happen to existing players in the space like LogMeIn and GoToMyPC?

Other apps that are already present on Google+ Hangouts allow one to view a YouTube video together, share your screen, add simple special effects and a play simple games.

Google+ Has More Users than Twitter: Report

While the actual numbers of a social network are constantly changing, a new report states that Google+ is racking up large numbers of new users and continues to outpace Twitter as the world’s number two social network, behind Facebook.

As reported by AFP, internet analytics firm GlobalWebIndex states Google+ now boast 359 million active users, up 33% from 269 million users at the end of June 2012.

This could be because of Google’s effort to build a connecting layer across all its services, including search, YouTube, maps and other products. Log into one, and you’ve logged into the lot.

Twitter now has 297 million users up from 206 million users at the end of June last year, and Facebook has 701 million users, the report which was released earlier this week stated.

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