Google Launches Tool to showcase Government Requests – India stands at number 3

Google has launched a tool to showcase governments that have sent requests to remove the content from Google’s search service or products.

Interesting to note that India stands at number 3 for Removal Requests and number 4 for Data requests (Removal requests ask for removal of content from Google search results or from another Google product, including YouTube. For purposes of this report, data requests ask for information about Google user accounts or products.)

google indian government issues

As far as Data requests are concerned, Brazil tops the list, followed by US, UK and then India. The culprit for this (especially in Brazil and India) is quite obvious – Orkut.

Orkut has attracted a whole lot of legal cases in the countries where the socionet is widely used and UGC sites like Youtube and Blogger are being targeted by media companies to sue Google.

Google India – Few Legal Battles

Here is a quick recap of legal battles Google India has been part of.

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