Google Releases Web Framework For Building Material Design Websites

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Google Releases Web Framework For Building Material Design Websites

Google Developers has finally released its front-end web framework for building websites adhering to its Material Design guidelines called Material Design Lite (MDL).

Material Design 1

The new framework includes components such as buttons, checkboxes, input fields, custom typography, etc. It also includes responsive grids and breakpoints that adhere to Material Design adaptive UI guidelines.

MDL includes guidelines for how websites reflow content in real-time which makes for visual consistencies across devices. The company says MDL is tailored for websites that are content heavy, such as blogs.


Material Design Blogs

Material Deign Blog 2

Google already offered web designers with Material Design components with its Polymer library, but think of MDL as a whole package. Further, devs can use MDL and Polymer components side-by-side on their websites.

In a sense, MDL doesn’t offer developers all the functionalities of Polymer but is great for someone who’s looking to easily build a website that adheres to Google’s Material Design principle.

Material Design 2

Material Design Dashboard

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