Google Is Developing A Medical-Grade Wearable

Google is developing a health tracking wearable that will be aimed at researchers and physicians to gather minute by minute data on how patients are faring.

Google Medical Wearable

The device is being developed by Google X and can measure a wearer’s pulse, heart rhythm and skin temperature, and also environmental information such as exposure to light and noise levels.

Google doesn’t have plans to market the device to consumers, but hopes for it to become a medical device that’s prescribed to patients or used in clinical trials.

Tracking a patient’s vital signs outside of a lab have been extremely hard, which is where Google is hoping its device will help doctors, researchers and drugmakers.

Android Wear already offers a few health and fitness features, however, most consumer wearables aren’t accurate or don’t track enough parameters to be used in research.

The goal of developing such a wearable is to be used by healthy people and detect the signs of disease early on, thereby reducing the risk of major onset.

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