Google launches the new homepage with Fade-in Experience [UX Dilemma]

Google has launched it’s new homepage that has an interesting ‘fade-in’ experience that loads additional links when user moves the mouse.

When the site loads, you only see Google logo and the big search box, i.e. the minimalistic page. Once you move your mouse, you will see the additional links on the homepage.

Google New Homepage - Before and After the Mouse Movement
Google New Homepage - Before and After the Mouse Movement

Why is this interesting?

Since most users who are interested in clicking over to a different application generally do move the mouse when they arrive, the “fade in” is an elegant solution that provides options to those who want them, but removes distractions for the user intent on searching.

Adds Marissa Mayer:

At first, this worried us a bit: Google is all about getting you where you are going faster — how could we launch something that potentially slowed users down? Then, we realized: we want users to notice this change… and it does take time to notice something (though in this case, only milliseconds!). Our goal then became to understand whether or not over time the users began to use the homepage even more efficiently than the control group and, sure enough, that was the trend we observed. – blog

Give the new homepage a shot – it surely is interesting.

The UX Dilemma

How many user experience gurus agree/disagree with Google’s approach to user experience? Infact, it’s amazing to see the ‘geeky’ experience Google attempts to bring. Maybe, that’s why Bing has a colorful background since they want to appeal to the common mass.

What’s your take?

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