Tech News: Google’s New Interface, OVI to Open up, Twitter..and more

Google has launched a new interface, which is being rolled out in phased manner. We tell you the hack that will help you get the new interface. Other news include: Twitter’s monetization model.

Google is testing out it’s new interface and though the new UI is being rolled out to selective users, you can still sneak into the system by following this:

  • In your browser’s address bar, enter this code:
  • Hit (not your country specific site) and you will have the new interface to play with. [via]
google search new ui
google search new ui

OVI to eventually open up to other platforms

Nokia’s OVI platform will open up to other platforms in the coming future. The company plans to roll out OVI store on other platforms, though the dates are not yet defined (source)

Twitter Japan has a monetization model [Finally]

Twitter Japan along with it’s partner, Digital Garage (gets 30% of the revenue) will soon roll out a monetization model in Japan that will charge Twitters users to view tweets – on a monthly basis or per single tweet (source)

Update: Twitter has clarified that this news ain’t true [read the blog entry]

Wikipedia and Mass Exodus of Editors

No one knows the reality, but there has been a recent news spurt about 49,000 editors going dormant in Wikipedia (as compared to only 4,900 in 2008). Wikipedia rejects ‘that’ definition of editor

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