Now Seamlessly Send Notes & Directions From Your PC To Your Android Phone

Google is the master of integration, but seamless connectivity between PCs and mobile devices has been never been one of its strengths.
Google PC Mobile Integration
Keeping in mind that people still use search on PCs, the company has rolled out a new feature that lets users send notes, reminders and directions right from their browsers to their phones.
In order to turn on the functionality, users will need to update the Google app on their Android smartphone, and enable notifications through Google Now. Here’s a guide on how to do that.
Once this is done, users can simply type, “send a note to my phone” or “send directions to my phone” into the search bar, which will open up a small card that lets you type in the note, or specify directions.
This data is then sent to the users’ smartphone as a notification. The functionality isn’t just limited to notes and directions, with users being able to set reminders, alarms and find the location of their phone directly from the search bar on their PC.
Google has already been able to sync data across its chrome browser and Android smartphones, but the new feature is the first time actionable content can be moved from PC to smartphone.
While Google may still control a miniscule percentage of the PC market, it’s Chrome browser is widely used and is the perfect site for integration of desktops and mobile devices. Further, it is to be seen if Google can bring similar functionality for its iPhone app, and add more complex integrations.

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