Techie held for posting derogatory messages against Sonia Gandhi on Orkut

Gurgaon techie has been held for posting derogatory message against Sonia Gandhi on Orkut (probably this group?)

Though the person who created this group (called “We hate Sonia Gandhi”) hasn’t been charged, this techie (Rahul Krishnakumar Vaid) is being held for posting “vulgar” comments.

If proved guilty, Vaid could be imprisoned for up to five years and may have to pay a fine up to Rs 1 Lakh.

Well, its okay for Orkut to share the IP address/details when requested by police, but the basic qn is what kind of checks and balances does Orkut has?

I don’t see any filtering of obscene words (twitter does it, btw). If Google is so particular about “blocked” freedom of speech, why can’t they filter what goes inside orkut?

I know and understand that not everything can be allowed in the name of “freedom of speech“. But I find it ironical that orkut wants all Indians to use Orkut, and the moment somebody goes out of the way in “expressing themselves”, Google simply hands over the IP address to the police?

Any commercial platform, no matter how neutral it sounds, is always skewed towards the ‘law of the land‘, and hence needs to have basic checks and balances in place. Frankly speaking, I don’t see the case with Orkut.

A “safe” socionet product requirement is to have atleast a “report abuse” section – Does Orkut give a damn to that?

Definitely No.

What’s your opinion?

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