Google Phone, G1’s India launch in December or early January 2009

google phone G1
google phone G1 - will it fly?

The much-hyped Google phone will reach Indian market by December or early Jan 2009 and is expected to be priced more than the U S price of $179 – as the Indian market does not work on the handset subsidy model (the same issue with iPhone price).

HTC is planning to launch the phone in partnership with telecom operator and plans to price it below iPhone’s price, but “significantly higher than Rs 20,000”.

“‘The price of Google phone in India will depend on the distribution model, whether it is bundled with operators or sold through the retail channel. We are yet to firm up exact plans. However, it will be sold at a much higher price than the US tag” – [ET]

Will you go for G1 (say, if it’s priced for 25K?)

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