Google Could Soon Unveil A New Photo Sharing Service [Free Of Google+]


Google Could Soon Unveil A New Photo Sharing Service [Free Of Google+]

Google is apparently all set to unveil an online picture sharing and storage service, which will be independent of Google+, at its developer conference in San Francisco later this month.


An independent photo service or Google Photos spinoff has been rumoured for quite some time now and is in-line with the company’s move to stop forcing people to sign up for Google+.

According to Bloomberg, the new service will allow users to post images directly onto rival social networking platforms Facebook and Twitter though more details are lacking at this time.

Google has already begun the task of liberating it Hangouts service from Google+ and began letting business users sign up for the service without having an account on its social network.

The strategy to unbundle services that were built around Google+ began ever since the departure of Vic Gundoltra, who headed the company’s social networking division, last year.

Sundar Pichai, Senior VP at Google, has already hinted at the possible separation of the photos tool back in March. Google however still claims that it hasn’t yet given up on Google+.

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