Google Now Lets Devs Create Beta Test Groups Using Email Invites Or Links

Google is making it easier for developers to beta test Android apps with the introduction of open and closed beta programs that work by sharing either an email or link with users.


The closed beta program will allow developers to use lists of individual email addresses to send users an invite. Once the email is sent, users will be able to opt-in to the program with a single click.

The open beta program is more straightforward. Anyone with the link to the beta testing group can give the app a shot. The open beta program allows devs to scale to a large number of testers, however, if required they can set a limit on the maximum number of users that can join.

The two new methods for conducting a beta test aren’t replacing the current Google+ Community of Google Groups systems. Further, the announcement says that devs will be able to move to an open beta without affecting existing testers.

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