Google Rolls Out A Free App Of The Week Offer


Google Rolls Out A Free App Of The Week Offer

The Amazon app store isn’t exactly giving Google’s Play Store a run for its money, however, the former does shine when it comes to app promotions, especially the popular ‘free app of the day’.


Now, Google too seems to be dipping its feet into the app promotion game and is offering a ‘free app of the week’ to users, starting off with an app listed in its new ‘family-friendly’ section.

This  is the company’s first such attempt at promoting downloads through such offers, but it isn’t exactly advertised very dominantly, with the app offer being hidden in the family section.

The first ever Play Store app being offered for free is from the developer PBS Kids and is being marked down from a price of Rs 190.28.


Google presents the offer only to users that find it through the new family section, and downloading it through the regular Games section or searching for it manually doesn’t show the offer.

It isn’t clear yet if Google plans to make free sales a part of its app promotion strategy, or whether the sale of PBS Kids’ app is only to promote the new Family section on the Play Store.

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