Google Play Newsstand is Now Available on Web


Google has redesigned its news reading app on Android and iOS and has also launched it on the web for the first time.

“The complete redesign of Newsstand focuses on three big improvements: personalisation, rich media, and the extension of our platform to the web,” Google said on its blog.

Google says it will use machine learning to find and recommend timely and relevant stories based on individual interest of users. Users will get to see personalized briefings including major headlines, top stories etc.

When you open the app, a personalized briefing shows you a blend of the top stories you need to know, including major headlines, local news, and personal interests. It’s perfect to start your morning, or to get caught up in under one minute during the day.

The company says Newsstand will also recommend a stream of stories from topics and sources, allowing users to go deeper into the day’s news.

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