Google Might Let Devs A/B Test Their App Profiles On The Play Store

Google is apparently planning to roll out a new feature for its Play Store that will allow app developers to test different versions of their app profile page to see which works best.
The company could announced the new feature at its I/O conference which is scheduled to be held at the end of May.
Basically, Google’s new feature will allow A/B testing, where devs will be allowed to swap out elements in their app presentation screen to see which pleases users best.
Further, developers will be able to use variable pricing to gauge at what price does their app get downloaded the most, in turn helping them build better monetization strategies.
While the change is a rather small one, it does have the potential to woo Android developers who haven’t really seen Google offer them that much in terms of innovation recently.
Moreover, as more developers look to serve broader geographies, there’s an increasing need to know how people from different markets will react to certain app presentations.

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