Google Play Has Most Downloads Worldwide But iOS Generates 70% More Revenue [Data]

Casual games, diverse Messaging Apps, Local Music and Movie based gaming apps – 2014 had some amazing new trends!

App Annie has released their 2014 Retrospective – a report on the worldwide top app trends of 2014. Findings from the report are as follows:

  • Single tap super casual games saw incredible increase in downloads in 2014
  • On demand transport apps saw massive downloads
  • Messaging apps grew into diverse multi-functional platforms and both foreign and domestic publishers have made their presence felt in this segment
  • Google Play had 60% more downloads as compared to iOS downloads worldwidefig 1
  • iOS generated 70% more yearly app revenue than Google Play, however both iOS and Google Play saw strong revenue growth in 2014fig 2
  • Japan, South Korea and United states generate more revenue on mobile app downloads than rest of the world.
  • BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) also saw tremendous increase in downloads with Brazil second only to the US in app downloads.
  • China generated most revenue among BRIC countries to be 3rd in iOS revenue.
  • Countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey and Mexico are expected to show strong performance in app download.fig 3
  • 2014 was a year of messaging apps with apps like Whatsapp, WeChat, LINE etc. seeing huge downloads. Facebook’s acquisition of Whatsapp and other messaging services adding facilities like money transfer and cab booking/payment was a proof of this.
  • Transportation apps also saw 30% increasing in downloads in 2014.
  • Peer to peer housings apps was another category that saw increase in downloads.
  • Video streaming apps were downloaded a lot in 2014 reasons for this being the shift of users to smartphones with large screens, high speed data connectivity and generous plans in countries like China.
  • Netflix in Europe saw an increase in download due to addition of local content.
  • With increasing viewership on smartphones, TV network operators have found it a necessity to have a mobile app for viewer retention and engagement strategies.
  • Games based on movies also saw an increase in downloads with such games helping to improve the life cycle of IP by fostering brand loyalty and keeping users engaged. Such games also attracted new audiences to the movies and vice versa.
  • The movie based gaming also saw traditional media monetizing on mobile users by using existing games structures refreshed with content from well know Intellectual n movies
  • As far as user demographics are considered, male audiences formed a huge chunk of gaming apps on mobile while female audience were more prone to use apps relating to social networking and photo and video sharing.male female
  • Pinterest is one example of app that has huge female audience. This app for visual discovery can be aggressively used as a strong platform by brand marketers to target specific audience.
  • Super casual games like Flappy Birds were most downloaded in 2014. Such games are simple, have short time span and are usually single tap games which highly engage users on their smartphones.super casual
  • Music apps like Spotify and Shazam saw great traction in North America and Europe. Increased number of downloads, however, were for apps that had local/regional music content. Apps like Tencent’s QQMusic and PalcoMP3 saw increased downloads due to this reason.
  • Premium music experience with local/regional content is the factor that would improve downloads for music apps
  • Combining downloads on iOS and Google Play, the most downloaded game by number of downloads was Candy Crush Saga developed by Finland based firm King, the most downloaded app was Facebook Messenger developed by Facebook.
  • The most revenue generating game was Clash of Clans developed by Finland based firm Supercell, most downloaded app was LINE messenger developed by Japan based LINE.
  • In terms of both revenue and downloads, the USA ranks as the top country for iOS while the most preferred category of apps is Gaming. China follows USA in terms of iOS app downloads while Japan comes second in terms of revenue on iOS. Entertainment is the most downloaded category while Social Networking generates more revenue on iOS.
  • As far as Google Play is concerned, the United States top in terms of downloads while revenue is mainly from Japan. Gaming category tops in both number of downloads and most revenue generated on Google Play.

Complete list of apps and more details pertaining to countries like  Brazil, China, Russia, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, UK and US is available in the full report.

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