Google+ is Popular Among Information Technology Professionals


Google+ is Popular Among Information Technology Professionals

Google+ might not have gained all the popularity it deserves, but  a large sections of IT professionals and senior decision makers in companies seem to be on it. According to a recent study 29% of IT professionals and decision makers in companies are said to be most likely to be Google+ users.

On the other hand users working in the financial sector or people living alone seems to be least likely to be Google+ users. The study by GlobalWebIndex found that, 15% of people living alone and 15% of people aged between 45-54 are least likely to be Google+ users.

Google+ users

In a bid to increase user base, from the beginning of 2012 Google began allowing teenagers as young as 13 to start Google+ accounts, before this the age limit to open an account was 18 years.

According to another study conducted by consumer management company Gigya,Google+ was making a strong gain in its share of the social logins space. In Q3 2013 Google+ has 26% share in the global social login landscape, but with 51% Facebook still has more than half of the social login pie.

socila login preference

A majority of Google+ social logins came fro the media\publisher and travel\hospitality sectors, where 29% of the logins where through Google+ accounts.

On the other hand Google+ saw the lowest amount of social logins (17%) from the ecommerce, education and nonprofit sectors.

With 540 million active users, much more than Twitter’s 200 million+ user base, the Google+ community is growing but is not anywhere near Facebook’s 1.18 billion active user base.

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