Google plus launches Bulk Follow feature? [Height of desperation?]

Google Plus is now promoting a new feature that now enables the social networking users to do ‘bulk follow’ of celebrities/recommended handles.

Google Plus : BulkFollow Feature
Google Plus : BulkFollow Feature

And once you add the bulk list to Google+, Google automatically creates a circle called ‘Featured on Google+’.

Google+ : Height of desperation?

Well, yes. Google is trying to get more celebrities to use the social network (they even paid Shahrukh Khan, whose social media agency was caught copy/pasting tweets into G+).

For celebrities, this feature will surely get them more followers (translates to ego boost), but for sure, the ultimate loser is Google’s Product Management team which failed to build an engagement driven product and has now given up to marketing (cheap)tricks.

For a social networking product, the key is 1:1 engagement and surely not bulk follow/following (for the sake of argument, Twitter does showcase curated profiles to follow, but you still need to add them one by one).

What’s your take? Are you on G+?

*: Pardon me, but I believe that it’s new feature (my usage of G+ is quite minimal)

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