Five Google+ Stats for India You Should Know [86%males, Delhi most active]


India is among the top 2 nations for Facebook and the story doesn’t seem to be very different for Google+.

Gender Distribution

While Facebook boasts of a ‘healthy’ ratio (27% female, 73% males), Google+ is highly skewed towards male population, i.e. 85.84%. That is, Google needs to really get more females to adopt the new new social network. Globally, the stats for Google+ is 70% male – so Google surely needs to get its act together and have a pink strategy around the network.alumnis_googleplus

Most Active Region

For both Facebook and Google+, the number 1 region remains Maharashtra. For Google+, Maharashtra is followed by Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh.

As far as cities are concerned, Delhi is more on Google+, followed by Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

Top Occupation

Here is the good news for brand managers – 42.46% of the mass on Google+ in India is student crowd, followed by software engineers (6.17%). In fact, 50.5% fall in the age group 18-24, the same age group which is responsible for Facebook’s record growth in India.

Marital Status

The majority of users in India, 76.02%, are Single followed by 12.23% which are Married (as opposed to global stat, i.e. 43.82% are single followed by 26.74% married). The majority of users in India, 43.48%, are looking for Friends followed by 25.75% which are looking for Networking.

Total Number of Users

Staggering 12.3 million – which is almost similar to LinekdIn userbase in India. Although keep in mind that a lot of these have been acquired using celebrity magnet and are hardly active on the social network.

What’s your take on Google+ usage?

Very recently Google+ announced a partnership with Ozone networks for free wifi for Google+ users in India. In general, we have been very vocal about Google India’s ‘desperate’ attempt to market Google Plus (by the way,SRK’s social media agency was caught copy/pasting tweets into his +account) and while all of these initiatives (of free WiFi etc) sound great, the service has very less stickiness (even celebrities who get paid to use Google+ stop using the service, once the contract gets over).

– Report link on Google+

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