Find on Google+ Pages: Is + a Poor Social Network or a Great Collaboration Tool?

Google+ page is open for businesses and we are live with page (oh! is it +Pluggdin?).

If you ask me one BIG difference/edge that Google+ has over Facebook pages, it surely is the concept of circles. You can post updates specific to circles (like customers, employees etc) and to me, that’s one big advantage over Facebook, which is currently clogged with numerous updates in the timeline.


Google+ has the opportunity to start from a clean slate and the key would be to offer features which help brands to connect with audience in a much better way and importantly, in a specific context. For example, why can’t brands use the concept of circles to announce deals/offers etc to say, VIP customers only; and similarly, use + for announcement to vendors.

In fact, like I said earlier [read: Google+ Now Available To Apps Users–A Differentiator That Facebook Doesn’t Have], Google+ pages can be more collaborative than Facebook, which is often considered a 1-way street for brands (and their social media agencies).

That may not be the ‘social networking’ use case for Google+, but its for Google to define whether they want this as the ‘next big thing’ or a ‘Google’s version of Facebook’.

What’s your use case for Google+ Pages? Treat it like your FB page? Or make more sense of it? To me, Google+ seems more like a great collaboration product rather than social network (read: cheap-clone-of-Facebook).

For now, you can follow on Google+, Facebook, Twitter to keep yourself updated on startup scene in India.

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