Google’s Balloon-Beamed Internet Initiative Will Soon Cover All Of Sri Lanka

The partnership will bring high-speed Internet connectivity across the island nation via Google’s Project Loon. The initiative aims to connect remote and rural parts of the world via the Internet beamed down from balloons. Google’s hi-tec balloons will stay aloft in the stratosphere and float for about 100 days. The company is tying up with local Sri Lankan ISPs for the project.

The Sri Lankan government has tied up with Google to bring high-speed internet connectivity across the island nation via the Loon Project.

Google Project Loon

Announced in 2013, the Loon Project aims to connect remote and rural locations via the Internet streamed by balloons carrying all the necessary networking gear.

Mangala Samaraweera, Sri Lankan foreign minister, said that Google will launch helium-filled hi-tec balloons above the island in the Indian ocean in the coming months.

Google will tie up with local ISPs in Sri Lanka, helping them offer high-speed connectivity at lower costs and in locations that weren’t accessible earlier.

According to official data, Sri Lanka has 2.8mn mobile Internet connections and 606,000 fixed line broadband connections among a population of more 20 million.

The balloons used for Project Loon have been developed by Google itself and will float about in the stratosphere. Each balloon will remain afloat for 100 days.

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