Google’s Internet Streaming Balloon Project Is All Set For Takeoff

Google kicked off Project Loon – its internet streaming balloon project – back in 2013, in the hope to bring the world’s unconnected masses online.
Google Project Loon
Now, the company has announced that Project Loon is almost set for takeoff, with most of the questions surrounding the technology, manufacturing and partnerships being answered.
In a video posted by the company, Mike Cassidy, who heads Project Loon, says that each balloon can now remain suspended for over 100 days, as opposed to a few hours initially.
Moreover, the company has moved on from taping balloons together for days, and has a manufacturing unit that can produce a balloon in hours.
He also talks about partnerships with local LTE network providers for bringing the internet to pretty much anyone with a mobile phone.
Everything about Project Loon is now bigger. The balloons themselves can stay up for longer, more balloons can be manufactured quicker and even launching them now takes less time.
Google still admits that there’s a lot of work to be done, setting up independent teams that launch, recover, monitor and manufacture the internet streaming balloons. In the last two years however, the question of “can we stream internet down to people using balloons?” has been answered with a big YES.

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