Google Reader Rolls out its Magic to Your Feeds with Personalized Ranking and Popular Items


Google Reader Rolls out its Magic to Your Feeds with Personalized Ranking and Popular Items

Just after a gap of one month, Google come out with two major changes to Google reader to help you discover more interesting content faster.

Aiming to improve reading experience Google has introduced new features:

“Sort by magic “under Feed settings

Now readers can switch to personal ranking by sorting out their favorite feeds that were in chronological order. Here’s what Google Reader team has to say about the personalized ranking, “Only have a 10 minute coffee break and want to see the best items first? All feeds now have a new sort option called “magic” that re-orders items in the feed based on your personal usage, and overall activity in Reader, instead of default chronological order.”

Google Reader Adds Magical Touch

“Popular items” & “Recommended sources” (below People you follow section):

Google algorithm is no more confined to Organic search , from now onwards Reader too use algorithm to find top-rising images, videos and pages from anywhere (not just your subscriptions). Find the most interesting stories in Popular items.

Google has moved Recommendations to Explore section and renamed it as Recommended sources. Using your Reader Trends and Web History, Google Reader find the list of RSS feeds that interests you.

It’s now clear socializing and personalizing is the new mantra of Google. Kudos to Google and its Reader team.

What’s your feedback on these changes?

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