Google New Polymer Library Helps Devs Create More Immersive Web Experiences

Google announced the launch of version 1.0 of its Polymer library at its I/O developer conference, which will allow developers to create immersive app-like experiences on the web.


Polymer encapsulates HTML, CSS and JavaScript, a combination of which are used to create web pages, into functional component elements, thereby reducing development complexity.

Since the release of the Developer Preview, Google has re-written the library from the ground up and claims better cross-browser performance for sites developer using Polymer.

The new library is about 3x faster on Chrome, 4x faster on Safari, and has a third less code than in the developer preview, making it ready to be used in production applications.


Google has also added a large catalog of elements, including animations, buttons, icons and wrappers for third-party libraries that can be incorporated into Web apps with ease.