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Google has got 2 new competitor –
1. French government, and
2. jellyfish

In the past, few governments have expressed concerns over Google’s satellite imagery
(Google doesn’t mind showing other countries millitary base/sensitive details, although’White house’ is completely covered with blankets!! Double standards eh? ).

The security issues prompted the French govt. to launch their own map site – which has better coverage of France, and a little better resolution (0.5 meters, compared to Google’s ~1 m)
This, I believe should be taken seriously by Google – since much of their sites/applications are geek driven and they eventually tend to play with user’s personal info/sensitive information..

2. Jellyfish — While Google is riding on success of CPC (Cost-per-click) adsense, advertisers are facing a tough time. Stats shows that only a small portion of clicks result in a sale.
Google (and the publisher) may make money with the clicks, the click may not really help the advertiser.
Thankfully, Google’s adsense has a competition.
Jellyfish‘s is beta-testing VPA (Value per Auction) Advertising — The business model basically involves sharing the revenue with customer (end buyer) , if the sale is triggered.
The most significant advantage is to the advertiser – The advertiser needs to pay only when there is a sale – so, this system will eventually mitigate clickfraud and other malpractices associated with it.

Unlike Google’s CPA initiative (beta), which charges the advertiser only when a sale is executed, but doesnt impact the customer, jellyfish scores a browny point for sharing the revenue with end customer too.
Owing to this unique differentiation, jellyfish will surely generate lot of interest- since customers will prefer to go to sites that will show jellyfish ads (they get a cashback on every purchase!)

Finally, Google has some serious competition!