Google Makes Its Roboto Font For Android And Chrome Open Source

Google introduced the Roboto family of fonts with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and now it has grown to become the default font on Android and Chrome OS.


Google initially released the font to the public, but today has announced that it is making Roboto open source, meaning even the toolchain used to create the font is up on GitHub.

The company says that Roboto has become a big part of its identity over the years, with it being used on Android, Chrome OS and is even making its way onto web services such as Inbox.

A key improvement in the Roboto font family has been the increase in the character coverage, going from around 13,000 characters to nearly 40,000 characters since its introduction. Further, the company added that in order to make the project happen there was a collaboration between various teams – Material Design, Internationalization Engineering, Google Fonts, and Android.

If you’re interested, you can start playing with Roboto right now. It’s available here.

Image source: Flickr

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