Google Taps Into Android Activity Data To Show When Businesses Are Busiest

Google search just got a small but notable update that helps users determine the best time to visit a business based on how busy the establishment is at a particular time.

Google Popular Times

Search results for businesses (eg. Restaurants) now shows ‘popular times’ alongside the address, phone number and open hours which is explained via a bar graph.

The bar graph is scrollable on a day-by-day basis and is especially useful if you’re trying to avoid long lines when you’re shopping, etc.

Google says the feature is enabled for millions of places listed on Google Search, however, it will generally appear for places where users are curious about how busy it gets.

The feature doesn’t seem to be a part of Google’s digital assistant Google Now, but will be visible to people using Google Search on mobile devices.

Further, the feature doesn’t reflect the live data, but is based on activity data from Android users who’ve agreed to share their location data with the company.

Google Popular Times Animation

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