Google Will Soon Let Loose Its ‘Mobile Friendly’ Search Ranking Algorithm Change

Google is all set to roll out a massive change to its search ranking algorithms, boosting sites that meet its search criteria for mobile display and burying those that don’t.
The move has been termed as ‘Mobilegeddon’, and is expected to be more significant than the Panda update, which could mean more than 11% of all search results could change because of it.
The directive behind the move is simple. Google is muscling web publishers to build more mobile friendly websites as it is losing its edge in ad targeting on the handheld devices to Facebook and other competitors.
Changes to the algorithm will affect rankings only on mobiles and not tablets, and will be rolled out only across organic search and not ad results. Moreover, Google says the algorithm change will take a few weeks to kick in completely, so devs should see changes within a few days to a few weeks.
While developers have been scrambling to make sure their mobile sites meet Google’s criteria, it is estimated that up to 40% sites might not make the cut. Further, the move could hurt small businesses that might not have the resources to make full fledged changes.
The company notified web publishers of the change in February, so while prior warnings have been served, it’ll be interesting to watch what happens once the changes roll out worldwide.
If you’re still unsure whether  your website adheres to Google’s new mobile friendliness standards, there are a few things you can do to make sure:
The easiest way to find out whether your site is indexed by Google as mobile friendly, is to look for the ‘mobile friendly’ tag in the search results.
Further, the company has a ‘Mobile Friendly Test’ that allows developers to check whether their web pages are mobile friendly, however changes may take time to get indexed.
Google also has mobile usability reports as part of its Webmaster Tools.

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