Forum Roundup: Google Proves To Be The Daddy of SEO Spammers; Goodlife to shut shop & More

If you are into startups, products or technology, you might want to check out our forum. There have been some interesting topics doing the rounds.  Some of the topics include how Google is beating SEO spammers, the curious case of empty Flipkart Diwali gift and some interesting new product finds.

For all the curious geeks or the ones who missed out on the action, head over to NextBigWhat forum to share and find out more.


How Google Proved That It Is THE Daddy of SEO Spammers

For few years, SEO consultants had a field day when they almost realized that they have hacked Google SEO code. But then Penguin/Panda update happened and they all area back in track.

Here is an email from CaratLane (and have received several such). More here.

Never miss a call with VoxBox ( Solution For Individuals )

Do you often miss calls coz ur either busy on another call? or out of network area?

No worries, get a VoxBox Voicemail account, Its Free ( and does not charge you for voicemails, like your operator does ) Turn all your missed calls into voice mails and get it delivered straight to your normal email account… More here.

Is the next to shut shop

Is the next to shut shop? More here.

How to tackle this case?

A friend had ordered a Diwali Gift from @flipkart for me which was a surprise.

I received the Box which was delivered to my security guard. I found the box was tampered and was very light in weight. Immediately called up their customer support and informed about this.

CST- Sir, you can open it you will find ur item there.

Me- Ok. I just wanted to keep u guys in loop.

I opened and found nothing inside.

Diwali gift?? WTF ! Bad bad experience. More here.

Life satisfaction and Income : The TRUTH

Life truth

From Economist : A new study examines the relationship between income and well-being. It finds that people everywhere report more satisfaction as they grow richer.

Even more striking, the relationship between income and happiness hardly changes as incomes rise. Moving from rich to richer seems to raise happiness just as much as moving from poor to less poor. More here.

This is what Android Needed from a custom Launcher! [Aviate]

Aviate has totally transformed the Android feel. I’ve fallen in love already. After so many custom launchers and roms, these guys have actually worked on something.

AFAIK, this is the only launcher that does not use the Android UI as its base. More here.

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