Tech WWWorld–Google Launches Shared Spaces, Oracle Launches Open Office 3.3

Google has launched Shared Spaces that lets users create space using collaborative gadgets and chat box (via).

Shared Spaces will enable developers to create widgets using the Wave API and have users embed these widgets as tweet/buzz or email messages.google_shared_space

The overall utility/usage/implementation isn’t clear yet, but going back to Wave history, this is nothing new.

Microsoft Shuts Down Office Genuine Advantage Program

Microsoft has shut down Office Genuine Advantage Program. The sudden abandonment of the program appears to have taken other parts of Microsoft by surprise. As of this morning, there’s no hint of the OGA shutdown at Microsoft’s official Office Genuine Advantage Validation Issues forum. And if you search Bing for validate office, you’ll turn up a lot of dead links. The first result from Bing is a page entitled “Why validate Office?” But clicking that link,, leads to Microsoft’s Windows home page. [via]

Oracle Launches Open Office 3.3 and Cloud Office

Oracle, post Sun acquisition has launched Open Office 3.3 and also Cloud Office.

Oracle Cloud Office 1.0 is a web and mobile office suite that enables web 2.0-style collaboration and mobile document access. Compatibility with Microsoft Office and integration with Oracle Open Office enable rich and seamless offline editing of complex presentations, text and spreadsheet documents.

Oracle Open Office 3.3 includes new enterprise connectors to Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle E-Business Suite, other Oracle Applications and Microsoft Sharepoint, to allow for fast, seamless integration into existing enterprise software stacks. In addition, it adds increased stability, compatibility and performance at up to five times lower license cost compared to Microsoft Office. [source]

Watch this introductory video

Facebook to Make 15 Talent Acquisitions in 2011

Facebook will keeps acquiring smaller companies ( Potato) and the company plans around 15 such acquisitions in 2011 [source].

Watch this video where Michael Brown, corporate development manager at Facebook share a few details

HTML5 Game

HTML5 is replacing Flash and this game, Pirates Love Daisies is probably the best example of what HTML5 can do.The game was developed for Microsoft’s IE team.

“Overall, we found working with JS to be a lot easier than we expected. Picking up the language was a breeze, and we were able to apply the processes and approaches we’ve developed from years of working on interactive content with Flash. For me, working with Javascript again actually had a certain pleasant nostalgia to it, as it recalled the days working with ActionScript 1. There is a certain amount of fun and freedom afforded by a dynamic scripting language, though the lack of strict typing, compiler time errors, and language-level support for inheritance (ie. no super keyword) were frustrating but manageable.”-source

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