Google Brings Asia’s First Shoppable Hangout to India With Myntra & Hrithik Roshan


Google Brings Asia’s First Shoppable Hangout to India With Myntra & Hrithik Roshan

Search giant Google is making a big move into e-commerce in India soon. For starters, the company has roped in online retailer Myntra and bollywood star Hrithik Roshan to host Asia’s first shoppable hangout.

Roshan, who recently launched HRX, a private label for casual wear, will ‘hangout on air,’ on Myntra’s Youtube channel and other users will be able to talk to the star.

But wait, its not just a hangout. It’s a shoppable hangout. Which means, while the hangout is going on, participants can click to buy HRX products. Myntra is running a contest to select one winner who gets to hangout with Hrithik Roshan on air and 10 other winners will be given autographed T-shirts & Myntra gift vouchers worth Rs 2000.HRX Contest Creative

Google recently hosted a virtual wedding show on Google Hangout, in partnership with E-commerce store Indianroots. Designers like Rohit Bal and folks like Sabysachi, Anita Dongre and others were part of the hangout last month.

Last year, the company partnered with fashion label DVF to host a shoppable hangout. Take a look at the video below to see how it works. In the DVF hangout, the shopping happens through the Google Shopping. It remains to be seen if buys will be directed to Myntra’s website in India.

The search giant has been very bullish about the e-commerce market in India. E-commerce companies are major advertisers on Google. Fashion and apparel, a category in which Myntra is a leader, has seen much action in the last few months.

Google has also played a part in promoting e-commerce by organizing the great online shopping festival, the Indian equivalent of Cyber Monday. During the shopping festival, Myntra sold 1 lakh pieces of merchandise.

Fashion & Apparel: Hott!

India’s largest online retailer Flipkart has recently been focusing on the category in a big way. The company that had  recently launched its own fashion brand, Flippd for men, may also acquire a smaller fashion retailer. NextBigWhat has learned that rival e-commerce firm Amazon, which recently launched its marketplace in India, is also planning to enter the fashion and apparel category. Fashion and apparel is one of the largest categories in e-commerce.

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