Google Shuts Down Its Website-Optimizing PageSpeed Service

Google is shutting down PageSpeed, its services for optimizing websites for faster delivery, on August 3rd, citing a decision for the team to re-focus their efforts elsewhere.
Developers have until August 3 to change their DNS settings, failing to do which their websites will become completely unavailable. New sign-ups have already been disabled.
The service which was launched some four and a half years ago used image compression and optimized cache, JavaScript, and CSS in order to load sites faster.
The company adds that services that offer the same PageSpeed technology will not be affected by the announcement, and will continue to be supported.
Since Google provides most of the PageSpeed features through a module for open source Apache server, NGINX and other web server tools, developers can use it even after Google shuts down its own hosted service.
For details on how to migrate a site off the PageSpeed Service, follow the link.

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