Google Launches ‘Smart Lock For Passwords’ Making Signing Into Apps A Breeze


Google Launches ‘Smart Lock For Passwords’ Making Signing Into Apps A Breeze

Google made a big splash at its I/O developer conference with the preview for Android M and even Brillo, its operating system for Internet of Thing devices.


However, buried away in the keynote was mention of Google Identity Platform that combines all of its login and identity solutions into a single platform.

The most important bit under it though is Smart Lock For Passwords that allows users to sign in and sign up into third party Android apps and sites in Chrome.

Google’s justification for the service is that the process of typing in passwords is painful, and by making it more seamless, developers can increase their sign up and sign in rates.

Essentially, the service will manage a user’s passwords on Android and across the web, and will even automatically sign in users across devices.

Smart Lock For Passwords does what Chrome has done on for website passwords, except in this case it’s for Android apps.

For developers who want to implement this feature, they can do so with the help of the new Smart Lock API for Android. So far, Netflix, NYT and a few other developers are the launch partners, but the service is bound to come to more apps in the near future.

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