Google Suspends Ops of Motorola Plant in Chennai, Fresh Round of Layoff Begins

Google Inc, which acquired Motorola Mobility in May last year, is shutting down its manufacturing unit in Chennai, as part of a larger layoff affecting 1200 employees worldwide, according to a new report.

A company spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal that job cuts in India are part of the global program and that production at the Chennai plant was suspended at the end of February.

Loss making Motorola will shed workforce in the US, China and India.

When Google acquired Motorola for $40 a share in May, it was widely speculated that the company was doing so for the patents held by Motorola, which will be a valuable weapon in the arsenal during the patent wars. Google paid $12.5 billion for the company.

The search giant which began a 20% workforce reduction (4000 employees) at Motorola in August last year, is reportedly laying off 10 % more of Motorola staff.Motorola_India_Operations

Earlier in December, Motorola shut down its India website saying that it is streamlining business and support systems and that it will not have a dedicated website for India.

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