Google Talk ChatBack or MeeboMe?

Google very recently launched Chatback widget that enables site visitors to chat with bloggers/website chatback

Once embedded in the site, the badge will allow your site visitors to chat with site publisher without signing into their Google account.

Though this was quite an expected move (after Google launched the flash version of GTalk), but I’d still prefer meebome over GTalks, for the following reasons:

  • MeeboMe is easy to customize – you can match the widget colors with your site color; customers can enter their name before the chat etc.
  • Chat doesn’t open in new window – meebome keeps the chat intact on the main site itself while Google opens 3 windows for the same (1. IM, 2. Launch, 3. ChatBack)
  • GTalk’s entire flow is cumbersome – Visitor clicks on the widget, Google sends an IM message to the publisher with a link. Publisher after clicking on the link needs to click on “Launch Chat” in order to start the chat – definitely doesn’t fall under the “feeling lucky” usability standard set by Google.
    Most likely, by the time you are done with clicks, visitor will leave the chat app in frustration!As far as the tool is concerned, it’s not even intuitive to figure out whether the visitor is still around or not.

Google has also chatback enabled Google apps services and that pretty much means a minor hit to livechat services like liveperson.
But as far as product is concerned, MeeboMe takes the cake as well as shakes for simplifying the chat widget, while Google and Yahoo follow.

What’s your take? Do you prefer Google chat to Meebome? Why?

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