Google Tez and Privacy : Few Questions

Google Tez Payment App
Google Tez Payment App

Google has launched its Tez app and here are a few privacy concerns that need more debate.

Your Aadhaar number can be stored by anyone?

From Tez’s terms and service (emphasis is ours):
You hereby expressly consent to and permit Google, Group Companies and the Payment Participants’ to collect, store and share such information including but not limited to the your personal information such as your name, address, Google Account or Payment instrument details, all transactions carried out through Tez or information with respect to third parties and the Recipients including bank account or Aadhaar details for the purposes mentioned in the Combined Tez Terms.
In the event that you are a Recipient, you hereby consent Google to permit the Sender to store your information including bank account number and Aadhaar number on Tez for the purpose of sending you payments.


So even if you delete your Tez account, Google will continue to use your VPA (virtual private address) and the mapped bank account details.

If you choose to delete or wipe-out any information or data from your Tez app or your Google Account or you choose to terminate the use of your Google Account or Tez Services, you understand that we may still retain, use and/or disclose such information/data for legal reasons detailed in the Google Privacy Policy.

NPCI mandates that deleted VPAs should not be available for 2 years from the date of deletion?

For now, Google Tez is extremely buggy and looks like an attempt to launch the payment service before WhatsApp.

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