Google Tez launch has an important lesson for product teams

Sometimes, perfection does wins over speed. Especially when you are entering a crowded category.

It’s quite clear that Google Tez app launch (get the app) was done in a hurry. Many of the bank integrations aren’t working, many users aren’t even able to login and the app in general is extremely buggy.

Google Tez App Review
Google Tez App Review

This isn’t what one would expect from Google, especially when it is the ‘second last’ company to enter a space.

Possible reasons for this screwup?

Clearly, the app was not ready for production release. So the possible reasons could be:
Google wanted to launch before WhatsApp (probably the ‘last company’ to enter payment space).
The launch date was already decided (as you can see, the launch event had fin minister) and there was an internal screwup (between engineering / QA team).

The Lesson?

There are two distinct market for any consumer product.

  1. Media/ Analysts, and
  2. The consumer market.

Media/analysts folks are all excited about new products (especially when it is coming from a company like Google) – they go all the way to get leaked pictures to every minute details of the product.
They tend to look at “BIG” picture and debate on how products like these will change the world. As a company/product team, this definitely makes you feel great.

The consumers?

Thankfully, they don’t give a damn. They won’t let you drink your kool aid.
If the product is bad, they call it bad. If you have fucked up, they won’t spare you.
Google Tez’s reviews on play store is a clear example of how not to launch a mediocre product and not to give-in to reasons (like the two mentioned above).

Sometimes, perfection does wins over speed. Especially when you are entering a crowded category.

By the way, did you notice the “404” in the hero pic? Somebody in Google was anticipating all this 🙂
Hint to product teams: Look for this person and promote him/her 😀

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