Google to : You Promote Products! [and we don’t like that]

A few days back, some of our readers told us that articles aren’t being seen on Google news anymore. Not that we care about traffic from Google news, but once we confirmed ourselves, we asked Google to take a re-look as we thought it was probably a mistake by the G-iant.

The (Better) Google [1998]
The (Better) Google of 1998

And this is what Google has to say  (highlighted):


Hi Ashish,
Thank you for your note.
We reviewed your site and are unable to include it in Google News at this time. We found that the articles on this site promote your own product.
We appreciate your taking the time to contact us and will log your site for consideration should our requirements change.


Momentary lapse of reason?  Or a mediocre Google in making?

I say mediocre because even a 10 second visit to will tell you that we do not have a product! I mean, we just do not have a product! Seriously, we do not have a product (yet) to promote!

On the other hand, we actually talk (a lot) about product startups and in Google’s language, promote them (i.e. give visibility) at a juncture when they need it the most (take a look at some of the testimonials).

Aside, we also cover the latest news and updates from industries like India Online, Indian Telecom, Business and a whole lot more – which is where Google news inclusion is relevant.

Long story short, it seems Google has blocked us because we give visibility to startups or ‘promote products’ (in Google language)?

Not good.

If a company continuously fails to understand the context of why (is this site talking about products), it’s a DNA issue. To me, a dangerous sign of mediocrity which needs to be culled before it spreads like wildfire.

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